SSC April 2018 Newsletter

Hello SSC Members
Happy Spring!  Hopefully we’ve seen the last of the snow until next winter.  It’s so nice to see the grass again! I’m sure you’re looking forward to warm, sunny days as much as we are.  In the meantime, here are some updates on our club activities:
Interest Groups
Our new way of setting dates for our interest group meetings has been very well received.  By having interest groups choose set dates, or a range of dates, for monthly meetings, we have eliminated much of the overlap and spread out activities over the month.  This has led to an increase in participation and made it easier to organize meetings.  Thanks to everyone for your help!
In the News
Gretchen Kossack was spotlighted in the March 30th edition of the Community Advocate for her work with St. Anne’s Free Medical Program.  Gretchen, her husband, and seven other people went to Haiti in February, to provide care, medicines, and supplies to Haitians in need.  Job well done, Gretchen!
SHS Scholarship
Our scholarship committee received six applications for our inaugural SSC scholarship. The candidates were all very impressive seniors from SHS.  The winner has been selected and the award will be given out at the scholarship awards dinner on May 15th.  We will share more information about the winner and the winner’s letter after the awards ceremony.

SSC By-Laws
Our by-laws committee has been working diligently over the past few months to rewrite our club by-laws.  Their focus has been to update the document to reflect changes in the club and our operations since it was first established as the SSC in 2009 and to simplify the document wherever possible.  The changes will be summarized and distributed to club members in May for review.  We will vote on the changes at the June Picnic. 

MuckFest MS
MuckFest is a 5K obstacle course event to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis.  This year’s MuckFest will be on May 19th in Devens, MA.  Michele McGinnis will be organizing volunteers from the SSC who are interested in donating a few hours to help out with the event. Volunteers are needed for various positions (e.g. registration, handing out t-shirts, prizes, refreshments, cheering on the obstacle course runners).  The volunteers will not get dirty, just the runners brave enough to navigate this mud course! If you are interested but have questions, please contact Michele or check out the website for the event: MuckFest MS 
An Evite will be going out soon. 

Opening on the SSC Board of Directors
In June, we elect our board members for the upcoming club year.  We currently have positions open for next year.  Carol and I will be stepping down from the co-presidency and are looking for club-members to step forward into the co-presidents or president and vice-president positions.  If you are interested, either of us would be more than happy to explain the positions to you.   Please consider joining us on the SSC Board of Directors. We’d love to have you!
Peggy and Carol