SSC June 2018 Newsletter

Greetings SSC Members

Our club year is coming to an end. That means our June Social is right around the corner!  This year, in addition to introducing changes to our interest group chairs and board member positions, we will be voting on amendments to our bylaws. 

June Social

The Evite has gone out for our End of Season Social scheduled for Wednesday, June 20th at 6:30 PM at Tavern in the Square, Shrewsbury.  At this event, we’ll: 

  • Raffle off our interest group baskets 

  • Host a 50/50 raffle 

  • Vote on the acceptance of our revised bylaws

  • Gather your feedback on the charitable organizations we should sponsor with our funds raised in this club year, and 

  • Collect personal care items for Veteran’s Inc. 

Please RSVP by Evite before the June 11th reply date.  We will need to provide a count to the restaurant the next day.  All payments must be received prior to the event.  You can pay online using PayPal or by sending a check, made payable to SSC, for $30 to: 

Patti Slaughter 20 Trowbridge Lane Shrewsbury 01545

We hope to see many club members there. Come and bring a friend!  

SSC Bylaws

This year, a group of members took on the laborious project of reviewing and updating our club bylaws.  Initially written in 2009, and last updated in 2012, much of the context and details of our bylaws were outdated.  The SSC Bylaws subcommittee worked to clarify the language of the document, update positions and descriptions and add clarifying language as needed.  The original bylaws, the amended bylaws, and a summary of the changes made can be reviewed prior to our dinner on June, 20th by clicking on the following documents:

SSC Original Bylaws
SSC Summary of 2018 Changes to Bylaws
SSC Bylaws amended 2018

Members present will vote to approve or reject the amended bylaws; see the excerpt from our current bylaws below. 

Many thanks to the SSC Bylaws subcommittee members: Sarah Clogston, Kelly Bradway, Carol Mayo, Michele McGinnis, Sue Watkins, and Margie White 


When the Board of Directors has discussed and approved a resolution or motion to revise or amend the Club’s Bylaws, notification shall be distributed to the membership at least 10 days prior to a meeting of the general membership.  Such notice shall state that said resolution would be presented and put to a vote at that membership meeting.  Notification may occur via the newsletter, mail or email, and/or may be posted on the website.  The notice shall state that said resolution will be presented and put to a vote at the upcoming membership meeting.  A Quorum, as defined above in Section VIII, must be present at the General Membership meeting.  After the procedure of making a motion (to amend or revise the Bylaws), having it seconded, and debating if it is necessary, a vote will be called for (see Motions below). All members wishing to vote must be present at the meeting (proxy and absentee ballots are not accepted). 

Quorum - 30% of the Club’s paid membership as of October 1st of that fiscal year. 

2018 Shrewsbury Social Club Scholarship

This year, the SSC sponsored our first scholarship for a graduating SHS senior in the amount of $500.  Sue Watkins, Kelly Bradway, Judy Kuthreiber and Michele McGinnis served on this committee, defining our scholarship requirements, coordinating with the SHS Guidance Department, reviewing applications and selecting our winner.  We received 6 applications and, while all of the candidates were worthy of a scholarship, one in particular stood out due to her volunteer work.  Nandini Seetharaman was the recipient of our award which was presented by Peggy Quill at the SHS Awards Night in May.  Many thanks to our SSC members who served on this committee for all of your hard work.  

2018-2019 Club Membership Dues

Membership dues for the 2018-2019 club year can now be paid on our website.  Any members who make their membership payment before or at the June Social will receive a free raffle ticket!  Due to the effort involved in collecting membership dues over the past few years, our new bylaws will now include a due date (June 1st to October 1st) as well as a late fee ($5) for any late dues.  We hope that members are understanding of the difficulty that is caused by having to chase down dues in November and into December.  We hope that by having a stated due date, members will be able to abide by this deadline. 

We hope to see you soon at the June Social. In the meantime, enjoy our well-earned Spring. 


Peggy & Carol 

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Find out more about the SSC interest groups at our website.  For details about this months activities contact us at  Invite your friends. Interested new members are welcome to visit any of these interest groups two times before joining the club.