SSC July 2017 Newsletter

Letter from the Co-Presidents

Greeting SSC members,
We hope your summer has gotten off to a fantastic start.  We have a lot to communicate! First, we’d like to give a special thanks to everyone who attended the June Social at Il Forno.  The food was wonderful, the interest group raffle items creative, and, as always, the company was lively!  
Our club year for 2016-2017 has come to a close and we’d like to recap some of the activities from this year and share the results of our charitable donations survey taken at the dinner.   
SSC Activities:
This was a busy year for the SSC.  Below is a listing of some (but certainly not all) of the notable events of the year.
  • Continued to support our adopted plot at Dean Park
  • Created and sold SSC t-shirts
  • Held our Fall Kick-off at Il Forno
  • Collected school supplies for SPS
  • Marched in the Spirit of Shrewsbury Parade
  • Organized a bake sale for St. Anne’s Food Pantry
  • Re-gifting dinner at the Post Office Pub
  • Published and distributed the 2016-2017 directory
  • Collected warmth items for those in need
  • June Social at Il Forno
  • Collected toiletries for Veteran’s Inc.
  • Mix & Mingle events
  • Many enjoyable interest group gatherings!
Year-End Donations:
Through your generosity, the SSC raised $2,850 for charitable giving this year!  Over the course of the year, we supported the following organizations: St. Anne’s Food Pantry, Binkees for Comfort (non-profit organization that provides blankets to babies and children struggling with illness), and the Shrewsbury Little League Field Day fundraiser.  At the June Social, we solicited input from our members to guide our disbursements of the remaining funds.  Members were given a survey of charitable organizations and efforts within Shrewsbury and the local area and then voted on organizations they would like to support with our club donations.  Members of the incoming and outgoing Board met this week to determine how to allocate the remaining $2,200 using this input.  Our intent was to focus only on five or six charitable initiatives so as to do as much good as possible with the funds we have while benefitting local needs.  Based on the input of members at the Social, six charities were identified and prioritized based on responses.  These were: SOAR (the Shrewsbury Oil Assistance Relief fund), SELCO (the Share the Warmth fund), Abby’s House (provides shelter, housing and support for battered women and their children), Girls, Inc. (Worcester), Veterans, Inc., and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central MA.
The summary of our charitable giving and local initiative sponsorships are listed below:
  • Abby’s House - $500
  • Girls, Inc. - $500
  • SELCO “Share the Warmth” - $400
  • SOAR (Shrewsbury Oil Assistance Relief) - $300
  • Veteran’s Inc. - $300
  • St. Anne’s Food Pantry - $450
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central MA - $200
  • Binkeez for Comfort - $100
  • Shrewsbury Little League Field Day - $100
  • School supplies collection - items directly donated
  • Hats, mittens, scarves, and coats collection - items directly donated
  • Toiletry items for Veteran’s Inc. - items directly donated
Save the Date - Spirit of Shrewsbury Parade:
Last year, a group of SSC members represented the Club by marching in our hometown parade!  On Sunday, September 24th, the SSC will once again be participating in the Spirit of Shrewsbury Parade.  The parade route is 1.1 miles and proceeds from the Beal School to the Oak Middle School.  The parade route is an easy walk and a great way to have fun, get some exercise and support our town.  After the parade, the celebration continues as we head off to a local establishment for refreshments.  Consider joining us this year!  More information will be available in next month’s newsletter.
SSC Board of Directors for 2017-2018:
At the June Social, the new SSC Board for the 2017-2018 club year was voted in.  The 2017-2018 SSC Board members are:
  • Co-President— Carol Mayo & Peggy Quill
  • Secretary - Beth Ingle
  • Treasurer – Patti Slaughter
  • Membership - Bev Ryan
  • Interest Groups -Sue Watkins
  • Newsletter/Webmaster – Lesley Winn
  • Parliamentarian - Sarah Clogston
  • Service - Judy Kuhtreiber
  • Photography/Social Media – Kelly Bradway
  • At Large – Nancy Cowan, Michelle McGinnis, Margie White, Barbara Wilson
After three years of diligent service, Lucinda Hepp is stepping down from the board as our Treasurer. We’d like to recognize the steadfast contributions that Lucinda has made to the SSC over the past few years.  Lucinda has been instrumental in managing all of our financial transactions, implementing our PayPal account, giving sage advice, and contributing her ideas and passion to the Club.  Her efforts have been sincerely appreciated.  Over the next month, Lucinda will be passing the mantle to Patti Slaughter, our new Treasurer.  We welcome Patti to her new role and give a big thanks to Lucinda!
Membership Dues:
As of the writing of this newsletter, we have received membership dues payments from many members.  If you haven’t paid your membership fee, you may pay using Paypal or by check.  To pay your dues online using Paypal, please go to our website
( or send a check in the amount of $20 payable to “Shrewsbury Social Club” to:
Patti Slaughter
20 Trowbridge Lane
Shrewsbury, MA  01545
Enjoy the summer,
Peggy & Carol

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