President's Message
How did you meet your friends?

It's an interesting question that I have answered in many ways over the years. 

We met at the lunch table in middle school when I was the new girl and she was the only one that made an effort to talk to me.  That friend was the "Maid of Honor" in my wedding and though she served in the USAF abroad, moved several states away and is working hard to run for statewide office in Ohio right now, we still keep in touch and I'm her biggest fan. 

We met because she was the department admin and one of the only other women when I worked in a high tech twenty-five years ago at my first job out of college.  She's my son's godmother. We met at the school bus stop in my neighborhood and chatted while we waited for our children to board the bus and then had coffee together, finding out how much we had in common as we talked.  She saved my sanity when I was raising two young children and my husband worked twelve hour days.

We met at a new mothers' playgroup where I found out that everyone else was as sleep deprived as I was and they were "winging it" too!  We're bonded forever.

We met a Shrewsbury Social Club. Though we had no other connection when we started, we do now.  We've shared meals, countless bottles of wine, laughs, and activities and developed caring connections to one another and the community where we live.  We're going to stay friends for a really long time and we're waiting for you to join us!

The Shrewsbury Social Club has provided women the opportunity to meet their neighbors and make new friends since 1975, originally as the Welcome Wagon Club of Shrewsbury and now as the SSC.  Come to an interesting group or general meeting and see who we are.  We'll be happy to call you our friend!

Judy Lindeborg - Member since 1991