President's Message
Did you know that positive friendships can make you healthier? Many studies over recent years have found that friendship can raise one’s sense of connectedness, purpose, happiness, and self-worth.  Friendships help us cope with traumas and life’s set-backs and encourage us to develop our “better selves”.  The benefits that come from friendship can lead to a healthier, longer, and more fulfilling life.  

One other interesting finding is that these benefits are increased significantly when the contact with others is in person versus through social media.  Anyone who has been part of a rousing game of Bunco, an animated book discussion, a festive group meal, a relaxing game of golf, or one of our many other enjoyable SSC interest group gatherings knows the feeling of comradery that comes from being together with other ladies who like to kick back and enjoy themselves.  

The Shrewsbury Social Club has provided women the opportunity to meet their neighbors and make new friends since 1975, originally as the Welcome Wagon Club of Shrewsbury and now as the SSC. If you are a current member, thank you for helping making our club the wonderful organization it is!  If you are considering becoming a member, please come experience an interest group gathering or two.  

We’d love to welcome you!

Peggy & Carol